Dynamics 365 CE/CRM development

In recent years we have gained a lot of experience with all common Dynamics 365 CE/CRM activities such as:

  • Configuring CRM according to the customer's wishes with all the associated activities to entities, forms, workflows, business rules, rdl reports, dashboards etc.
  • Development of plugins & custom workflow activities, customized javascripts and web resources
  • Create websites (portals) where users interact with CRM using Dynamics 365 Portals or via custom portals using the CRM API
  • Integrate CRM with other systems using WCF services or Web API and plugins
  • Migration of older CRM versions to newer with all associated legacy customization problems
  • Migration of data from legacy systems to CRM via SSIS or custom software
  • Developing command line tools that, for example, make changes to CRM data via a scheduled task
  • Building Windows Forms applications that, for example,  allow users to import complex data on a regular basis
  • Developing Web API services that, for example, can offer simplified methods to third parties instead of opening the entire CRM API to those parties

Feel free to contact us to see what we can do for your company.