Data migration

Dynamics 365 CE/CRM often serves as a replacement for older software that is no longer user-friendly or written off. The data contained therein is of course not yet written off and must be transferred. To achieve this, we use SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) in combination with the Kingswaysoft toolkit that makes it possible to connect directly to Dynamics 365/CRM, but also to a host of other systems such as NAV, AX, Salesforce etc.

In this way we are able, after delivering a thorough data mapping, to transfer data from one or more sources to CRM and to carry out all sorts of operations during this process. These operations can be a check whether a certain record already exists or to enrich the import data with extra data from other sources.

For various projects we also delivered custom software because users wanted to, for example read files into CRM on a regular basis.

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