About me

My name is Edwin Hebbink and I have been working as a CRM & C# developer for more then 12 years now. I am a Dutch citizen but since 2009 I live in Brazil. Almost all of my clients are Dutch so I still come to the Netherlands a lot for meetings and to do work that needs to be done on site as well. The last 3 years I have dedicated almost all my time to doing Microsoft CRM projects but I also did some web and other projects like WCF webservices, Windows forms and console applications that in some cases interacted with CRM as well.

The techniques and products that I have a lot of experience with are:

  • Microsoft CRM 2011/2013/2015
  • Web and Windows Forms/Console applications in .NET C# and VB
  • WCF and ASMX services
  • All Windows Server and SQL Server versions
  • SVN and Team Foundation server
  • SQL, LINQ, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, Classic ASP, XML, AJAX...

This site serves partially as a curriculum for when I am looking for new projects but I also use It to share some problems I encounter during my work with the community.

I hope you will find some usefull information here and thank you for visiting my site.

Kindest regards,


Edwin Hebbink